The future of entertainment is here! Experience the one-of-a-kind mobile DJ service that travels to your event and guarantees to entertain your party with first-rate, heart-pounding music, lighting, video and style.



Tony Brent is hard to categorize. He takes to the stage and begins with what appears to be a comedy magic show, but soon morphs into impressions, guitar song parodies, outrageous characters along with tons of audience participation. Tony is particularly known for being able to get audience members to do hysterical things. According to the critics there’s no other live show like this one. Tony’s freewheeling style insures that no two shows are exactly alike. Click Tony’s picture for more information!


A DJ is always a great and cost effective solution for any type of event.  But what do you do when you want the Endless Song Selection of a DJ, but the Energy of a Live Band?….SIDE PROJECT!  A new generation of LIVE entertainment that includes a rockin’ DJ, with an unlimited songlist, and an Explosive Drummer, who infects the crowd with the energy and excitement of a LIVE MUSICAL ACT.


The Silent Party is a clubbing and corporate event concept where guests are provided with personal wireless headphones which can be tuned in to listen to a DJ. The concept of a Silent Party earns its name because any outsider walking into the event would see a venue full of people dancing, yet hear no music (other than the off-key voices of dancers), hence Silent Party. Overall this makes for an experience like no other, strange at first but a ballroom of fun!

text_to_screen_twitterTWITTER TO SCREEN – GAME SHOW TRIVIA

Twitter to screen feature allows people to “tweet” messages to your TV’s, JumboTrons or projectors at your Student Events.

Your audience can easily tweet messages to your twitter @screenname and you can display it on your TV screens.

Tweet The Screen is a powerful revenue generating entertainment tool that turns any live event into an interactive party, while your audience is reading their twitter messages on your giant screens you can simultaneously expose them to sponsors logos of your choice, generating additional advertising revenue.

Using our Twitter To Screen feature, those that tweet the screen can enjoy seeing their own Twitter avatar and their tweet appear on the big screen.  We can’t help but notice that we steal the show when the screens go to our live feed. This is a great way to host a trivia event that allows plenty of interaction and no worries about content because our moderators will screen the messages before they hit the screen.  The messages are not censored on the internet version of the twitter page used, but they certainly are at your live event.

It is a great way to build followers on twitter as well, you have the option to automatically follow those that tweet your screens.

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