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Violectric is an international touring ensemble that continues to tour performing arts and concert venues around the world, and provides a variety of educational programs for students of all ages. The members of Violectric are all experienced teachers who hold degrees and certificates in performance, business and education. They have instructed in North America and Asia in public and private schools, music camps and corporate education programs, and are uniquely positioned to teach your students about the world of performing, touring, playing and the music business. They each share a love of education and take the opportunity of their world tours to spread their knowledge to the next generation.

Violectric typically presents a one-day Educational Program that combines workshops with a live performance at the end of the day. Workshops cover a range of topics from Promotions to Contracts, Recording to Amplification, Tours and Shows to Arranging Your Own Music, and many other topics in between that most professional musicians face in the real world. We can also custom tailor any program to meet the needs of your students.

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WORKSHOP  – Simple Self Defense for Women®


Simple Self Defense for Women® takes a very unique approach to self-defense. It is designed specifically for women who want to know How to Simply Escape an Attack, NOT Stay and Fight.

Whatever you’re thinking about self-defense this is NOT it!

Our Simple Self Defense for Women® two hour onetime event workshop provides everyone a unique team building event that offers education in safety that they can be later shared with family, co-workers, students, faculty and friends.  We will have everyone on their feet participating, learning, laughing, sharing and talking about how their workshop was unlike any other! They will love it!

Clients include: Embry Riddle University, Bethune Cookman University, Bright House Networks, University of Central Florida, Edward Jones Investments, Florida Hospital Memorial Center, Daytona State College, Phillips 66, Halifax Hospital, the Daytona Beach Police Department and numerous others.



 This is a great alternative to wasteful cut flowers, a $40 billion a year industry that’s doing major ecological damage. Our do it yourself-program is an eco-friendly succulent based program that will not only look good when you’re done, but make you feel good as well.  A succulent plant is a water-retaining plant adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. 79 percent of cut flowers come from Ecuador or Columbia and are grown with 12 different pesticides and are large consumers of water. These pesticides are getting workers sick and polluting the ground water.  Why is the succulent plant such a good alternative? For one, it retains water so it takes very little watering for it to flourish. The succulent plant can last a long time while cut flowers die out in a week.

Our program comes with USA made terracotta pot, cactus mix and up to two 1”- 3″ succulent plants for each individual project.  With the large variety of plants to choose from, you can create something different from your friends.

Note: A similar program can be designed with Lucky Bamboo.

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